The most important performances

Concerts and tours

Loituma performed and toured in Finland as well as in Central Europe, USA, Denmark and Sweden. Kaustinen Folk Music Festival nominated Loituma as the Band of the Year in 1997. Loituma has also performed in the Precidential Palace and made several recordings for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

2023 Anti-racism demonstration in Helsinki (main photo)
2007 Tour in Sweden with comedian Pablo Francisco
2007 Presidential Palace, Inno-Suomi awards ceremony
2006 Concert in Minneapolis, USA
2002 Festival concert in Belgium
2001 Tour in Belgium and the Netherlands (Pia Rask substituting Anita)
2000 US tour and German tour
2000 Concert in France
1999 Tours in Belgium, Holland and Finland
1997 Tour in Germany (photo on the right)
1996 at the EBU Festival of New Folk Music in Denmark

On TV and radio

2018 Live interview in YLE Radio Suomi, Olga K interviewing Hanni
2008 Video interview in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Sari ja Timo
2007 Göteborg, live radio interview and Ievan polkka performance
2007 Tv-show Aprés After Ski Hits, filmed in Austria
2006 Minneapolis local radio, one hour live interview
2006 Hanni in YLE Morning TV-show (Aamu-TV)
2000 Minneapolis, live TV-show performance and Hanni on the radio
1999 Ievan polkka in Finnair onboard music list
1997 YLE TV 2, concert filming in Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
1996 YLE TV 2, Soi soitto, soi TV show
1993 Gabriel-bakkanaali, YLE TV 1 live broadcast (photo to the left)

In print media

The domestic media has repeatedly taken contact after Loituma’s active years. Mostly the interviews concern Ievan polkka and its success across the world.

Papers, such as Helsingin Sanomat, Satakunnan kansa, Kansanmusiikki, Kouvolan sanomat, Kotiliesi, Karjalainen and Lapin kansa have written about Loituma over the years. Foreign newspapers include The New York Times, Le Monde and Duluth New Tribune.


The band released two albums: in 1995 (Loituma, KICD 36) and 1998 (Kuutamolla kahden, KICD 56). Both albums were also released in the US on the NorthSide label shortly after their Finnish release, the first in 1998 as Things of Beauty (NSD6010) and the second in 1999 as In the Moonlight (NSD6027).

The first album contains traditional tunes and original tunes by the group members and their teachers, like the kantele player Martti Pokela (1924-2007). The second album contains mostly original compositions by Loituma members, but also so called older dance music.

In addition to the above, Universal Music Germany released in 2007 an EP with different versions of Ievan polkka. Loituma is also featured on the compilation albums Kuulas hetki (Sibelius Academy / Olarin Musiikki), Soundscape of Finland (Folk Music Institute), Nordic Roots (NorthSide), Nordic Roots 2 (NorthSide) and Arctic Paradise (FIMIC).

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